The Grove in Wembley

In an exclusive first-time offer, we opened the doors to one of our incredible client homes, The Grove in Wembley.

This invitation-only walkthrough wasn't just about exploring a luxurious home; it was a chance to tap into the wisdom of experienced professionals and get personalised advice tailored to your desires and budget.

Our Exclusive Home Open of The Grove showcased the Trendsetter Homes difference:

Tailored Expert Guidance: An opportunity to be immersed in an exclusive conversation with the creative minds driving Trendsetter Homes: Director Michael Agostino and Design + Strategy Manager Rachel Maree.

Securing Your Investment's Future: In a world of changing interest rates, Trendsetter's experienced team provided essential insights to those looking to build, saying goodbye to uncertainty about budgets and unexpected costs. The Grove offered an opportunity to learn how to plan your project, set priorities, and truly understand where every dollar goes.

Real Stories, Real Satisfaction: David and Vanessa, first-time homeowners, shared their inspiring journey of how their dream home became a reality with Trendsetter Homes. Their happiness and contentment was palpable as they shared how our personalised approach and careful attention to detail made all the difference.

Beyond Virtual Tours: While Trendsetter Homes is known for its unique virtual tours, this time, The Grove's owners opened their doors to enable an exclusive experience of the Trendsetter magic firsthand, soaking in the atmosphere that turns houses into homes.

Your Vision, Your Home: Unlike mass-produced homes, Trendsetter specialises in crafting individual pieces of art. Your home is an extension of you, and we understand that right down to the smallest details. Let us guide you through the process, so you can make informed decisions from the very beginning, ensuring your budget matches your vision.

Quality Craftsmanship: Trendsetter Homes has been honoured for its outstanding design, from one-storey elegance to three-storey luxury. The unveiling of The Grove is just the start – an introduction to our personalised tours that redefine how you experience building a home. Come see, touch, and feel the quality of a custom-built luxury home for yourself.

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