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March 29, 2023
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May 9, 2024

Looking For a Home Builder in Perth?

How To Ensure You Build Your Perfect Perth Home (With Great Resale Value)

How to Avoid Delays, Budget Blowout, Compromising on Your Vision, and Chasing Up Builders for Updates

If you’re considering building your own home there are a number of factors unique to Perth to consider before pulling the trigger, especially to ensure you get a good resale.  In this blog post we’re going to discuss what to keep in mind as you choose your block, design and orientation, before reviewing energy efficiency factors, cross-ventilation, natural lighting and selecting the right builder to guide you along the way.  Let’s jump right in… When building a home in and around Perth’s suburbs, it’s important to consider 3 unique factors that are going to drive all of your decision making…

Number 1 – Orientation
Number 2 – Resale of the home
Number 3 – Choosing the right builder

1 – Orientation

Every home needs a strong foundation, and that foundation starts with the land your home is built on. Selecting the right location for your home is critical to ensuring it will be energy efficient and comfortable to live in. 

The first step is to find your north point and choose an orientation that gets plenty of sunlight at the times of day you need it. This will help keep an even and comfortable temperature in your home year round, and also bring in a flood of natural light. 

Next, you’ll want to consider cross ventilation – especially important in climates like Perth, as it helps keep your home cool, prevents the build-up of stale air and helps with energy efficiency. 

Choosing a location that takes advantage of natural breezes can help you cut down on your energy bills. With a little careful planning, you can build the home of your dreams while also saving money on utility costs.

Bottom Line: When it comes to choosing the orientation, a Perth home needs  to breathe, and let in a tonne of natural light.

2 – Resale

When you’re looking at building a new home, it’s important to think about how the property will appreciate in value over time. One of the key things to consider is making sure the home you build suits the suburb. This means doing your research on what type of homes are popular in the area and what kind of style will fit in with the community. 

By making sure your new home ticks all these boxes, you’ll be setting yourself up with a high quality home that will appreciate in value, and be much easier to sell when the time comes. 

Remember: Consider the suburb it will be located in and make sure it’s a good fit for your property.

Remember: Consider the suburb it will be located in and make sure it’s a good fit for your property.

3 – Choosing The Right Builder

Once you’ve done your research on the area, and are clear on what you want,it’s time to find a builder. The process is similar to the process of choosing a custom home builder – a topic I’ve written extensively on in a recent post. If price is a factor for you, do your best to set it aside, at least initially. Placing too much emphasis on price could mean you end up with a sub par home. The best way to go about it is to find a builder with these key elements:

The history and track record, 
The systems and procedures, 
The passion & drive, 
The innovation, 
The team who can deliver.

The difference between a good and bad builder will come out in your initial meetings and discussions, as their systems, procedures and history will become evident. A bad builder will want to keep everything overly casual, jumping straight into price and quoting square meter costs over the phone. Whereas any builder worth their salt will slow it down, bring you in for a meeting and find out all about you, who you are, what you’re trying to achieve, who the home is for, and how they are going to be involved, before explaining their systems and procedures in detail, and how they are going to get you the perfect result. Key Takeaway: You need to work through all your questions, trust who you’re working with, and do your research into the company and people whose hands will literally be birthing your dream home into creation.

Different Types of Perth Home Builders

When conducting your research on builders in Perth you’ll discover there are 3 different types:

  1. Traditional home builders (base specification, off plan, etc)
  2. Custom Home builders (with customised upgraded specifications and finishes)
  3. Luxury Home builders (high end luxurious materials and finishes, ultimate attention to detail, unique one of a kind features and architecturally designed to tell the unique story of the owner)

We have three divisions under our company umbrella that encompasses the different kinds of builders in Perth:

  • Select Living – high quality material base specification homes without custom level interior options
  • Tamaria Constructions – commercial construction and NDIS
  • Trendsetter homes – our award winning Luxury home division

Should You Consider Building A Custom or Luxury Home?

If you’re considering building a new home, you may be wondering if a custom or luxury home is worth the investment. While many believe it to be out of their reach, it might surprise you to discover how it could potentially fit your budget. 

Contrary to popular belief, custom homes  don’t always have to be expensive.

In fact, they can often be more affordable than buying an existing home or building a home from a base model.

The main reason for this is because custom homes are built specifically to your needs and wants. This means you’re only paying for what you need, rather than features and finishes that you’ll never use.

What’s more, because they are built to your specific needs, they tend to hold their value better than mass-produced homes.

And don’t disregard luxury homes either – even though they might cost you on average 40% more than a custom built home, the returns can be far greater. 

Here are just a few reasons why you might consider building a luxury home:

  1. A luxury home is a great investment that will appreciate over time. They are in high demand and so tend to appreciate at a higher rate than traditional homes.
  2. It’s designed for your lifestyle, whether that be the retreat or entertainer. Whether you love hosting small dinner parties, large family reunions, or want a retreat to get away from it all, the home can be designed for your specific needs.  
  3. A luxury home is a reflection of your personal style and taste. When you build a luxury home, you have the opportunity to design it exactly the way you want it, from the layout to the finishes and fixtures.
  4. They are easier to sell. Because luxury homes are in such high demand, they tend to sell quickly and for top dollar.
  5. A luxury home comes with additional features and amenities that aren’t found in traditional homes. Luxury homes often include features like gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and state-of-the-art appliances.
  6. The finishes and materials used in a luxury home are of the highest quality. When you build a luxury home, you can be confident it will be built with only the best materials and craftsmanship.