Demolish & Build

Demolish and build is a practical solution when you enjoy living in your suburb but your home no longer accommodates your current lifestyle. Alternatively, you may have purchased a block with an existing home which does not match your vision, lifestyle or family needs. You have control over where you live and benefit from a wider range of choices in design, layout and features. Trendsetter Homes can provide a fresh approach to your home and lifestyle.

Design & Construct

As a leading luxury home builder in Perth, Trendsetter Homes can make your dream home possible, regardless of location, budget or block layout. You receive a personalised service to accompany your specific requirements, working directly with our Directors or General Manager to develop the right home for you. We guide you through each step. Trendsetter’s experience means we’re not scared to tackle the difficult projects and can accommodate your budget without compromising on quality.


Renovating is an ideal solution when you love your current location but need to update your home. Whether you need to expand, downsize or simply want to upgrade the features of your home, Trendsetter Homes can provide you with innovative solutions. Our comprehensive understanding of modern design means renovating can add value to your home and accommodate growing families or provide a touch of luxury to your existing home’s interiors.