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At Trendsetter Homes we strive beyond the ordinary, providing the highest class of quality and service that people expect from a leading luxury home builder in Perth. Two decades of craftsmanship and experience are honed into every custom home we build, allowing the architects, designers and developers we work with to completely unshackle their imagination and aim for greatness. 

Everyone wants their dream home, and at Trendsetter Homes we believe in dreaming big. This comes down to harnessing the client's vision for their custom luxury home, then working with the best people to deliver flawless construction and make it a reality. By fusing the strengths of tradition and building experience with state-of-the-art innovation, we’ve earned our reputation of quality; building luxury houses our clients love to come home to. 

With the most exceptional team in the business, a no-fuss process centred around quality customer service, and a reputation galvanised by 20 years of impeccable results, Trendsetter Homes continue to stand proudly as a leading name in luxury home building. Working closely with industry-defining architects and designers, we continue to push the envelope; forging a path towards the future of bespoke home building in Western Australia.

Company Profile

Your custom built home starts here. While the end result is the true prize, the process of building a custom luxury home can and should be one of the most exciting adventures of someone's life. With our stress-free process we equip each client with everything they need to enjoy the journey.

With more than 20 years' experience as custom home builders, Trendsetter Homes is built on a reputation of quality. Every luxury home we create is unique; blending style and function to reflect the lifestyle of its owners and their vision of a perfect home.

New homes, demolish and build, or property development. We're not afraid to tackle the difficult builds and have the knowledge and expertise to make every client's vision a reality. Regardless of location, budget or block layout, we embrace every opportunity.