West Leederville Residence

A New Level of Luxury


81 McCourt St West Leederville WA 6007

The block is situated in a beautiful, leafy street in West Leederville.

Having access from the street side, along with a rear lane, this helped enabled the designer to place the house towards the back of the block to exploit the Northern aspect. For the front portion of the site, a generous garden with pool and gazebo was created…….. soaking up the northern sun. With a tight budget, prioritising was imperative.

This was to be a forever house. The dream clients who were familiar with the designers work, and with complete trust, gave carte blanche to design and execute their dream home.

The brief was precise, and so the journey began.

The clients who are lovers of Bali lifestyle together with a strong communication, made it easy to execute.

With strict discipline the designer began by setting the house towards the back of the block, creating a beautiful Northern front yard with pool. Using the garage access at the rear.

The home has continuity and strength which flows from indoors to outdoors, creating a seamless unifed whole.

There is an ambience which permeates the entire downstairs area, the layered ceiling design help welcome the light and breeze through the house.

The kitchen, the heart of this home, is a functional statement which could live in any home.

It sets the stage for all the areas that flow off it and into the magnificent Northern garden and pool.

The raised lounge creates a platform for socialising and relaxing. It is perched over the pool and garden.

There is an element of stone and texture which is evident throughout the home, creating warmth and ambience.

The simple yet comfortable bedrooms together with a functional stairwell with lift provision were the areas where compromise prevailed.

The master bathroom and dressing room were high on the priority list. World class is an understatement.

The results are a warm functional and inviting home which reflects the wonderful clients, exceeding their expectations.

Wesley Wark – Yael K & Associates


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