1. This offer is only applicable to a Site that has engaged  Brajkovich Demolition to carry out the Demolition Works in full on the Site and cannot be used with any other offer or promotion.
  2. The DEMOLISH WITH BRAJKOVICH AND BUILD WITH TRENDSETTER HOMES Promotion” Offer is redeemable in the form of a Voucher.
  3. The total value of the Voucher is $25,000 
  4. The Voucher can be used at Pre-Start or Reduction in Building Contract Price
  5. The voucher of $25,000 is only redeemable with any single dwelling signed building contract $500,000 and above or Multi Dwellings $600,000 and above or unless other wised approved by Management in writing.
  6. The Voucher is non-transferable and can only be used once.
  7. The demolition offer is strictly limited to one person/client per project – read in conjunction with item 5 of the terms & conditions
  8. The voucher is to be noted as Included in the Building Quote attached to the Preparation of Plans Agreement and approved by Management. This Annexure is to be signed by the Builder and The Mutual Client.
  9. The offer expires 90 calendar days after the first Building Quote has been presented. By this point in time the Mutual Client must enter into a Preparation of Plans agreement otherwise the offer is no longer valid.
  10. This offer is not valid to any existing Clients that are currently in any Dealings with a Trendsetter Representative unless approved in writing by Management.
  11.  This offer is only valid to clients that are dealing directly with an employee representative of Trendsetter Homes. if the client has been introduced through a third party and this will be the full discretion of the builder and will not be disputed- Example Building Broker, unless approved by Trendsetter Mgmt in writing will not be valid.
  12. This offer is only applicable to a Site that has engaged Bracjkovich Demolition to carry out the Demolition Works in full on the Site.
  13. The value of the Voucher is to be confirmed with a Proof of Payment that the funds have been paid in full to Bracjkovich Demolition for the Demolition Works on the Site.
  14. The promoter of this offer is Westlake Corporation PTY LTD Trading as Trendsetter Homes (ABN 11 008 871 761) of 1/28 Walters Drive Osborne Park WA 6017.
  15. The Builder does not include any costs or fees associated to any Demolition Works in its Building Contract. The Builder does not provide any Warranty, Guarantee or Insurance in relation to any Demolition Works and is not liable for any rectification or remedial works of any kind.
  16. The Copyright of the Design remains the property of the Builder.
  17. The Builder reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion and the duration that the offer is valid at any time at its own discretion.


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