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Trendsetter Homes has been building individually designed homes in Perth for over 20 years.

We have a passion for creating luxury, timeless homes, with flowing indoor spaces and a high attention to detail in both aesthetics and functionality. A family-owned business with 6 registered builders on the team we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through building a luxury home to match your lifestyle.

Trendsetter Homes isn’t afraid to tackle the difficult builds, whether it’s location, block shape or size. We understand the individuality many people want in their home. We build approximately 15 homes per year and you can pass our homes on the waterfronts of beachside suburbs, in the picturesque hills or along the Swan River.

During our time in the industry, we have developed close partnerships with industry specialists and can provide our clients with the latest in technology and building materials and designs. We provide you with the best selection of materials for your home. Our long term partnerships are reflected in the structural and aesthetic quality of our homes.

Michael Agostino

Managing Director

Michael brings a fresh approach to the Trendsetter Homes team. Beginning at Trendsetter in 2005 as a trainee Supervisor, he worked his way up to building supervisor by 2006 and graduated as a registered builder in 2010. His rapport with the office & construction team and strong eye for detail promoted him into the Construction Manager role in 2012. In this role he has established the strong connections with our tradespeople that allows us to consistently meet the high standard we expect. Moving into the General Manager role in 2016, Michael uses his close relationships and practical understanding of your home’s requirements to monitor the building stages of our homes and keep a clear line of communication open to all clients.

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